Exterior Painting/Deck: 
Mike, we wanted to write you this letter of recommendation because of the absolutely wonderful job you did on our house and deck. The quality of the work performed was way above our expectations, and I will tell you we had pretty high expectations. Our home was not even insurable because of the condition of the outside of the home from weather and sun. The deck was in very bad shape from lack of care and we were afraid we might have to replace most of it. You surprised us with what you were able to accomplish with it. I cannot even express how happy I am that we had you do the deck as well as the house. We feel like we have a new home! Actually better than we even imagined it could be. Your attention to detail and care and concern for our satisfaction was something you just don’t get too often anymore. Your crew was very polite and courteous; they kept the site clean at all times and checked in with us on things they had questions about during the job. I would recommend you to my closest of friends and family, and if you ever need to provide a reference to anyone, please feel free to give them our number. Very satisfied customers,  

Stan and Alicia Evans


I did a lot of shopping to find a painting contractor. Mikes professional experience along with his friendly personality was what we liked. Mike also took the time to drive us around to other jobs he had done. Needless to say we were so impressed and very pleased with his work. His crew did on amazing job on our house. We loved it so much, we will be happy to hire Mike again to paint other homes we have. We highly recommended ZPainting!!!



Lily Liberman

Exterior Painting:

I want to thank you again for ajob well done. We appreciate how your company performed and the very high quality workmanship that your employees provided. We are pleased with the result and will highly recommend your services to all our family and friends.
Thanks again,

  Jim Jenkins

Commercial Painting:

We would like to thank you Mike, for the wonderful experience we had with ZPainting and also for the great job you did painting our home. We are so impressed with the level of professionalism, courtesy and consideration your crew showed us while working. ZPainting definitely proved to be dedicated and extremely skilled not only knowing or assisting in color palettes, but also in the overall execution of the project. We were truly amazed with the level of care that went into painting our home – you guys were efficient. Thank you so much again. ZPainting (Mike) you will be highly recommended!!!


Mike Milhorn

Maintanance Director for Rim of the World Parks and Recreation

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